Heather Doyle

Hi Ann,

I received your letter and I wanted to write to say thank you for the invisalign treatment, I am so happy with my results. Thank you to you and your team. Here is my testimonial.

I always wanted braces but avoided them for so long since train tracks seemed to be the only option. So when I saw an add in the newspaper last summer for Invisalign clear braces, it didn’t take much thought or considering before I was sitting in Booterstown Dental Practice for an open day about Invisalign. It was very informative and the braces really were what that they said – clear! It wasn’t long before I had my aligners put on. I was told I would be wearing braces for 6 months and so I had 13 aligners which I changed myself every 2 weeks. Of course, every few weeks I had a check-up with Ann that never took long. I can’t stress how simple and hassle free the whole treatment was. For me at 27 it was by far the best option out there. There is no visiting the dentist to have the braces tightened as with train tracks. Instead, you wear one aligner for two weeks and after two weeks you put on next aligner. There are dates on the packet and so you know when to change aligners and they are moving your teeth so gradually that the treatment is extremely comfortable. At most all I felt was slight pressure on my teeth, I never had pain, I saw results and this was really encouraging. I would really recommend Invisalign to anyone thinking of getting braces. They are almost invisible. In fact nobody noticed I was even wearing them! You need to remove them for eating and drinking which I liked as it meant you could clean and floss your teeth as normal and they didn’t stain my teeth. I think my oral hygiene has considerably improved since having Invisalingn since I have to brush my teeth each time after eating now before I put my braces back in.

It was the best choice I made getting Invisalign braces, and I am delighted with the results.

The team at Booterstown Dental Practice were just great, so helpful and only ever a phonecall away with any question I had.

Just remember to always wear your retainer and your results will last forever!

Thanks for everything, I really enjoyed my treatment.

Heather Doyle